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What You Need To Know About the Zipper Rescue Kit from Zipper Shipper

The Zipper Rescue kit has an assortment of replacement zipper slides and zipper stops that you may require at one point in time or another. This is an emergency kit that will come to your rescue when you need to replace a zipper slider and you do not want to make an order from the companies that manufacture these items. You will love to know that the kit contains 8 zipper sliders and four top stops and 4 bottom stops.

With the above kit, you should be able to repair your zipper sliders and stops so that you will not have to worry when your zipper sliders are spoilt. This way, you can be assured that you will find comfort in knowing that your zipper sliders are taken care of. However, you should ensure that you have wire cutters or a pair of pliers to help you in the replacement process.

You need to know that the kit does not help you to repair missing zipper teeth. If this is the problem with your zippers, you would better get the whole zippers replaced. The box or the pin at the bottom of the jacket zipper cannot be repaired by the use of the kit. For instance, if you are a camper, you probably have dealt with broken tent zippers. Even though these types of zippers are made of from pretty strong material, it could break. You can just get a replacement for these easily via Zipper Shipper’s e-commerce website.

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