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Arrow Shirts For Those Who Dress to Impress

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It is said that if you want to be a leader, think like one right from the first day of your job. Do everything that is expected of a leader. Show up on time, take initiatives at work, achieve your goals and most importantly, dress to impress. Haven’t you noticed? Every successful man has an air of sophistication about him. Whether he is at a meeting with his client or at a social gathering, he is always dressed impeccably. After all, power dressing sends out the message that you are here to lead. If you want to dress to impress too, choose Arrow shirts.

About Arrow

Arrow was established in 1851. It started off at the back of a general store. It was formally established in 1855 and has been a pioneer in the fashion industry since then. All Arrow products have been inspired by the sophisticated, classic image of an -American Man’. Since the time when it introduced detachable collars, Arrow has maintained its style and innovativeness.

Arrow Shirts: Spring Summer Collection 2015

Crisp, sophisticated shirts for the boardroom or cool shirts for dates or elegant shirts for parties – no matter what your need, Arrow shirts will ensure that you draw attention wherever you go. While Arrow formals come in classic colours and prints, the Arrow Sports collection is all about breaking the rules of the style book. They are bold, unconventional and over the top.

Explore the diverse collections of Arrow Shirts:

Charcoal Charm

So you have a date with the girl of your dreams tonight? You want to make the best first impression, don’t you? Wear the Arrow Charcoal Charm shirt to have her swoon over you. This charcoal grey shirt gives you a unique look which is sophisticated. You could pair it with well-fitting black trousers to complete the look.

Salt n Pepper

If you take pride in being different from the crowd, then the Arrow Salt n Pepper shirt is ideal for you. Its textured pattern talks for itself. You could wear this shirt with a pair of black trousers to a social gathering.

Panes and Panels

When you have to go out on a date or to the movies, you require a shirt that will give you a casual and sophisticated look. Choose the Panes and Panels shirt. The bold, colourful checks on this shirt make it ideal for day wear. Team it up with a pair of black trousers and flaunt bright-coloured shoes to look edgy.

Shopping for Arrow Shirts Online

Arrow shirts are available at all major retail stores across the country. But for the best shopping experience, buy them online. The biggest advantage of shirts online shopping is that you can always keep yourself up to date with the world of fashion – online stores launch fresh collections every season. Besides, you can sit at home and order the Arrow shirts online shopping of your choice and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Arrow Sport Shirts Spring Summer Collection 2015

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Daymond John, the CEO of FUBU says that one fashion rule that every man should always remember is to keep it real. He believes that one should dress according to his personality. A man who is not aware of his personality creates a wrong impression on the people around him. Hence, wear clothes which you can carry off well. Ensure that they fit incredibly. There is nothing like a man in well-tailored shirt and trousers. For shirts that will make you look sharp and stylish, choose Arrow Sport shirts.

About Arrow

The story of the establishment of Arrow can be traced back to 1851. It started off at the back of a general store. But it was formally established only in the year 1855. Arrow created an identity for itself when it first introduced the detachable collars. And since then, the brand has been known for its innovativeness. The entire range of Arrow products is inspired by the style of American men.

Arrow Sport Shirts: Spring Summer Collection 2015

Arrow ensures that you look your stylish best no matter what the occasion. Whether you want to look prim and proper for a board room meeting or you want to look cool and funky, Arrow has the perfect shirt for you. Arrow formal shirts come in classic prints and colours while the Sports collection is quirky and fun.

Choose from the wide range of Arrow Sports Shirts:

Aqua Conexion

Fridays are fun days at work. Shove those boring formal shirts in the cupboard and bring out something fun and funky. If you’re looking for an Arrow Sports shirt which is fun and professional, the Aqua Conexion is ideal for you. It is a blue-coloured casual shirt which will look stunning with a pair of Khaki chinos.

Azul Blast

So you’re going out with the guys to play golf? You don’t want to wear the same old T-shirt and jeans. Fret not. With the Arrow Sport Azul Blast shirt, you will look anything but conventional. Its micro checks add uniqueness to it while the blue colour will make you look vibrant. Team this with a pair of light blue shorts to look cool and stylish.

Shopping for Arrow Sport Shirts

The best way to stay in line with the latest trends is by Arrow Sport Shirts online shopping. Online stores always launch fresh collections every season. You can sit at home and browse through the catalogue to choose the right shirts for yourself. Take your pick based on colour, pattern, fit and price. Online stores offer great products at affordable prices.